Don’t cry children… it’s just a headless snowman. Look… I’ll put him back together!!

Hello again!

I hope you all are wrapping up your gifts and getting your Christmas goodies together. I’m all done with my wrapping and I think my husband is taking me out to look at Christmas lights tonight! Yayyyy! It can’t get dark soon enough. 😉

I saw some super cute snowflake and snowman nails on Nailasaurus that had a snowman spanning the thumb and either the ring or middle finger. I also loved her Halloween nails that used the same concept with a skeleton spanning the two nails. I never tried the skeleton (you know me and straight lines… oof) but I was like “I AM trying that snowman!” So I did! I just did the snowman on my left hand and then I did a snowflake on my right hand (which actually turned out pretty great but I didn’t get a pic of it). You can see how Sammy did a lot more detail than I did, but mine still turned out pretty good “for me” 🙂 I just completely admire her super creative designs. Beside having a super steady hand (jealous!!!) I just love how creative she is. I consider myself pretty creative but dangggg she comes up with the coolest designs! Anyway, enough about her… here is my attempt:

My base was Time Traveler by Cult Nails.

Before my 2nd coat, look how streaky it was and how messy it made my hands! I have GOT to work on my polishing skills!

Here's my snowman!

I used my Migi nail art pens for the snowman and all his little details, except his arms. For them I used Cult Nails Power Thief applied with a toothpick.

Isn’t that snowman just so cute?! I love how creative spanning two nails is, and I like that that gives you more space to make a bigger snowman with better details. There’s just one problem…

I have no head!!!

When you aren’t weirdly putting your ring finger to your thumb like in my pics… you just have a headless snowman on your thumb. It’s kinda creepy.

A snowhead with no body isn't nearly as creepy.

Although I love the 2-nail designs, I don’t think I’ll be trying them again… but ya never know. Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas, Everyone! I’m pretty sure this will be my last post before present-palooza. 🙂

PS: Do you all see my cuticles?! Between not having art class the last week (schoooooollsssss out for EVA! ok, just a couple weeks) and being super-duper diligent with the cuticle oil and creme (Burt’s Bees, baby!!) over the last week or so my cuticles are looking great! Thanks for allowing me to pat myself on the back. If you wanna see some crazy awesome cuticles, check out Cutie-cles, especially the “sun” picks of Pink Friday. Her cuticles look practically nonexistent and as if they are carved from wax. Right now, she’s my cuticle idol. 🙂 Also, I’m pretty jealous she has the Nicki Minaj polishes… I love Nicki Minaj and am going to NEED those polishes. Merry Christmas, bye now.

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