Essie Turquoise and Caicos Review

When I did my snowflake nails I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos for the first time. I have seen it around in nail blogs so when I was looking for a cool blue color to use as my base, I saw Essie Turquoise and Caicos and thought it would work well and be a little different. Plus- who doesn’t love a pretty turquoise? Not me. 🙂 Since I had it on before I did my snowflakes, I thought I’d capture some pics and hit two birds with one stone and do a review as well!

On my nails I have Essie Feed Me base coat, 2 thin and 2 thick coats of Essie T&C and Seche Vite top coat.

with flash

no flash


T&C is a very cool, Caribbean-water blue with just enough hint of green to make it turquoise. It’s the true color of turquoise stones that you see in Native American jewelry. It is beautiful as a cool winter color but will also look AWESOME up against tan skin in the summer. This is such a versatile polish, I can’t wait for summer! 🙂


The formula is pretty thin. I’m severely prone to flooding my cuticles and even though I tried really hard to apply thin, thin, thin!!! coats at first, I still flooded them a bit. I don’t care if it’s thin, I still love the color. It seems that light colors tend to be thin… or maybe it’s just easier to tell with lighter, less opaque colors. Whatever the reason, this is prone to flooding but who cares, polish more carefully people! Even though it was thin, it built up quickly and was opaque (and lost the streaky-ness) in 2 thin and 2 thick coats. That’s not bad for a light color.

Finish & Durability:

The finish is great, nice and shiny and I’m wearing this polish right now, 5 days after I did my nails and even on my right hand I only have the slightest tip wear… just a teeny bit on the corners of my thumb and index finger. That’s pretty dang great for me, since I am NOT careful with my nails.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You.

Yes, please!! I love this color, the formula is awesome except for the slight thinness and it wears tough as nails. You seriously need this color in your stash. Just trust me. And with Essie being so easily found at Target, Walmart, etc you really have no excuse. This is a staple color. 🙂 I hope you get it, wear it and love it.

PS: Bonus Tip- When I thought my thumb was dry, I wrote my husband a little note and totally destroyed my thumb with the pen. 😥 I smooshed the paint all over to the left side, leaving naked streaky nail on the right side of my right nail. It was horrendous and I REALLY didn’t want to re-paint it. So… I wet my finger, smoothed out the scrunched up, rippled up paint on my thumb as best as I could then applied another coat of Seche Vite and *Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!* (angels singing) it melted the polish smooth and I seriously did not even repaint that nail. It was a nail polish miracle. I ❤ my Seche Vite! 🙂

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