Clairvoyant Intensified- Layering Experiment

I added a layer of holographic glitter to my Dream On/Clairvoyant Mani and I really like how it turned out! 🙂

I wore my Clairvoyant over Dream On today, and of COURSE I had to catch my thumbnail on my purse and rip a chunk of nail and polish off. Don’t you just hate  that?! It only happens with my best manicures. So lame… Anyway, I figured I try something different, maybe stick with Clairvoyant but put it over black like I’ve wanted to. But then I convinced my husband to swing by Dollar Tree for me for some work supplies (they have the best teacher supplies, and some awesomely cheap craft supplies as well!).

Anyway, while we were there I checked out their nail polish and found some holographic glitter polish (LA Colors is the brand, the sticker on the bottom says BCC 557) that reminds me of some of the Essie top coats that have came out recently. I just slapped some on my thumb over my Dream On/Clairvoyant layered mani to check it out and I actually really liked it!! It did hide some of the flakiness of Clairvoyant, but I love how it sparkled up my Clairvoyant mani.

Dream On, Clairvoyant and LA Colors BCC 557 on all fingers except the middle which is only Dream On and Clairvoyant

Same polish breakdown as above.

For comparison purposes, here is Dream On with only LA Colors over the top.

 How do you feel about this double-glitter layering experiment? Do you think it’s a nail polish foul to cover the much-coveted Clairvoyant or do you like how it looks?

3 thoughts on “Clairvoyant Intensified- Layering Experiment

  1. I love the combination with and without Clairvoyant! Gorgeous manicure.

    And y’know what? I think you should have a good talking to with your purse. 😛 Sounds like it needs to learn how to get along better with polish, especially pretty polish. 😉

    • Thanks! I wanted to do something a little different with it. 🙂 And my purse definitely needs to learn some manners! Luckily I do my nails at night when I don’t have to mess with it very often.

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