Layering Experiment- Nail Semi Fail

I’ve always been a little disappointed with my OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle so I was trying to think of a good layer combo for it. Servin’ Up Sparkle is slightly holo and silver, with tiny glitter and a very sparse sprinkling of larger hex holo glitter. I thought it might look pretty over a lavender shimmer so I layered it over my Sinful Colors Purple Diamond. :-/

SC Purple Diamond, 3 thick coats. Notice the STILL VNL 😦

SC Purple Diamond with 2 coats of OPI Servin' Up Sparkle

I had high expectations for this combo but was mostly disappointed. I guess if you LOVE lavender it would be ok, but I’m not that big of a fan. Also, my nails were stained around the edges from my dark teal polish I had been wearing and no matter how many coats I used I had VNL which drives me crazy! I’m still sad about my Servin’ Up Sparkle because I don’t think I’ve found the right combo yet, but I’ll keep trying. 🙂

Have you found the perfect combo for Servin’ Up Sparkle? I like it with Grape Set Match, but I still feel like there’s gotta be some other knock-out combos out there.

2 thoughts on “Layering Experiment- Nail Semi Fail

  1. so sorry you aren’t liking servin up sparkle…I love it!!! I have layered it over essie chinchilly and OPI I brake for manicures. I think i must like it over darker polish. I tried to do a “french” manicure with it, using red on the bottom and servin for the tips of my nails. I didn’t feel like this was the best plan I had ever had.
    I like reading about your nails, I am just getting into reading blogs about nails and I have enjoyed yours 🙂

    • First off, thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! 🙂
      Secondly- I bet if I try it over some darker colors I’ll like it better cuz it’ll show up more. I think maybe since I heard there were the 2 formulas I’m kinda preoccupied with thinking I have the sparse one. Haha. I’m loving dark polishes right now so maybe I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks! 🙂

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