Yay! I got my Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam (Review)

I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve been positively enamored with the near black teal of Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam from the Nicole by OPI Kardshian Kolors ever since I saw the first swatches. I had to have it, however couldn’t find it (!!!) until Black Friday when I happened to just Google it and see that it was available at Walmart. No WONDER I couldn’t find it!! I have probably been inside Walmart less than 10 times in my entire life. Anyway, I talked my Black Friday Shopping Buddy (aka: my brother) into swinging by Walmart as approximately 4am, and I got it! 🙂 Yayyy!

Without flash, so you can see just how dark it really is.

Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam is a super-dark teal, more green than blue, just slightly more blue than a forest green. It’s really shiny alone, but it looks best with a super shiny top coat (I, of course recommend SH Mega Shine!).  A good top coat seems to bring out a little more of the blue in the polish. Also, something worth noting is that the polish is darker on the nail than it is in the bottle. I have to say, the bottle doesn’t quite do it justice, but when you see the swatches of it, you’ll realize you need to have it. 😉


The application was a little weird, to be honest. The polish is fairly thick and gets clumpy very easily. I paint my nails in a “middle, side, side” fashion and if I needed to re-touch a part it got very clumpy and started almost like scraping off the polish that was on my nails. Also, I have always hated the Nicole by OPI bottles (that weird slanted front makes it kinda hard to hold in my hand, and I always paint my nails while holding the bottle in the hand that’s being painted) and the brush was super wide (which is good or bad depending on your preference, not that great in my opinion) and super squatty. It’s REALLY short in comparison with other nail polishes, which is easy to adapt to but weird at first.


The coverage is great. Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam would definitely be a one-coater if you could paint one coat perfectly and really quickly. I had to apply 2 coats because like I mentioned above, I messed my polish up by trying to re-touch a previously painted part of my nail. It’s not very great at self-levelling, but a good top coat will remedy that problem. 🙂

Other Notes:

My friend Ami asked, “Is there a way I can tell my internet browser to block anything w/ the name “Kardashian” in it?” and although I agree with her, I told her she should check out the Kardashian Kolors. Haha. Is there anything more annoying than an entire family getting famous because one member made a sex tape?! Even more sad is the fact that people my age and younger don’t even know Bruce Jenner is an Olympic Athlete!

I’m curious how this is going to remove because I have only one other Nicole by OPI polish (a red shimmer) and when I removed it, it stained my nails like no one’s business!! I have finally worn non-staining polish long enough that my nails aren’t looking too nasty, but I’m sort of predicting that’s going to be over with as soon as I remove this polish. We’ll see!

Yes, Please! or No, Thank you.

Despite the annoying bottle and application I still say this is a “Yes, Please!” 🙂 I just love this color so much so I would pretty much put up with anything for it. Also, I would much prefer a polish to be thick and sort of awkward and clumpy than for it to be thin and only reach opacity after 4 coats and an hour of your life that you’ll never get back. I would probably like this polish better if it was OPI quality, but overall, I’m still tickled pick that I found it! 😀

I’m really into near-black polishes lately. Do you have any suggestions for me? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Yay! I got my Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam (Review)

    • I have that on my toes right now! I actually got that color in a mini pack a Christmas or two ago and I love it, too. I need a full sized bottle. I’m sure it’s thisclose to being out! Eek! Do you ever buy multiples so you are never without it? I do with some of my polishes. Haha.

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