My Cult Nails Package Is Here!!


Yayyyyy!! I’m so excited, I got home from work about 15 minutes ago and checked my mail and ahhhhhh!!! (sound of angels singing) my Cult Nails pre-sale order of the Superpowers Collection was there! I tore into them like a rabid starving feral cat and now I’m sitting, staring in awe at them.

I was worried Power Thief was going to be a dupe of Ulta Chic Peek and I was so wrong! It’s much warmer and lighter with just a hint of silver shimmer. It’s almost lingerie-esque like we saw on the runway for Spring 2012.

Mind Control is lovely and dark. I can’t tell in the bottle if it’s going to be black with slightly purple/burgundy shimmer or if the polish is a near black purple itself.

Time Traveler is a super dark blue that is going to rival Ulta Moody Blues for my go-to blue (and honestly it’s probably gonna win out). Also, I can’t wait to layer it with Clairvoyant/Unicorn Puke.

Clairvoyant is so pretty in the bottle! I absolutely can not wait to layer that over everything!!

I forgot when I was deciding to go on a glitter hiatus that I should be getting my package today. I guess the hiatus was pretty much over before it even started! Haha. I am going to wait (like ONE day!) to swatch all these though because I just did my checkered nails and am getting so many compliments. I’m not ready to ditch them after a day. :-/ This is taking more self control though than I may have, so we’ll see! Good thing I have TONS to prep for work tomorrow to keep me busy! Keep your eye out for my reviews and swatches of this collection!

Did any of you get yours today? If not, are you jealous?! 😀

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