Nail Fail- Finger Paints Black Expressionism

I was at Sally’s the other day and needed some new black nail polish. I have some old Avon black polish, but it takes approximately 6 coats to reach opacity and is often uneven, has the world’s tiniest brush and is pretty much useless. I’m sure I got it way cheap, but really… was it worth the hassle? I thought not. So while I was at Sally’s I saw all the Finger Paint brand polishes. They are supposed to be made by OPI and come in a wide variety of colors. I believe I got mine for around $4 and the color I chose was Black Expressionism.

What I Liked:

  • The handle of the brush is long and tapered. It fit well in my hand and was comfortable to use. The brush is standard, but soft and makes application easy.
  • This is the most pigmented polish I have ever seen! The formula is quite thick but not bad thick, and it coated to opacity easily in one coat.

What I HATED!!!!

  • I polished my nails at about 5-6  o’clock. At about 7 or so I ate dinner, then washed a few dishes (nothing too crazy where I was scrubbing using a scouring pad or anything, although I did use a scratchy sponge, no different than I ever do though) and by the time I was done with dishes my nails looked like this:

Please enlarge this and take a peek at the hideousness that is Finger Paints. This is one solid coat of FP, and 2 coats of Seche Vite.

Look! I didn't even have my nail polish on long enough to get the extra polish off my cuticles!

UGHHH!!!!!!!!!! This was the worst nail polish I have ever tried!! It will be a LONG time before I try FP again, which is sad because I loved the color density and I like the bottles (although they’re a little tall). Maybe my nails just don’t play well with this brand but it was a major disappointment. 😦


For one… gosh, look how disgusting I left my cuticles?! Shame on me. How embarrassing!! Anyway, what I wanna say is that I completely stand by the review of the durability of this particular black polish, but I have found a good use for this polish (well, actually 2)- 1) Nail art. Since this is so wonderfully pigmented it’s perfect for french tips, dots, stripes, whatever. 2) This polish is great under the FP Special Effects Collection flakies!! With the flake glitter and a layer or two of Seche Vite, it protects the tips of your nails and this polish doesn’t chip. I still wont wear this alone, but under glitter… it’s a winner! 😉

4 thoughts on “Nail Fail- Finger Paints Black Expressionism

  1. Wow, that Avon polish sounds like a nightmare in every way possible! I agree that despite the cheap price, the hassle doesn’t seem to be worth it.

    As for the Fingerpaints polish – I haven’t tried any yet, although I have one (a green, of course). I’m surprised that it ended up looking like that so quickly.

    If you’re interested in a black polish, a really great one (at least I think so) is China Glaze Liquid Leather. It’s more a jellyish black, though, not a creme black. So, it’s quite streaky at first, but if you apply 3 coats, it evens out nicely and is super shiny.

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