Color Club Scented Polish “Very Merry Berry” (review)- Crazy, chunky glitter!

Ooooh I love some chunky glitter! And I think I’ve found a new favorite. And the bonus- it smells like Christmas!

The polish I’m reviewing today is Color Club’s Very Merry Berry scented glitter polish. I got it for under 5 bucks at Sally’s. It smells like regular polish when you apply it, but as it dries it smells like berries mixed with Christmas spices. The smell is like a pretty Christmas candle. The scent is slightly overwhelming to me, and I’m kind of sensitive to cheap scents, but after a little while it was just fine. I was glad I could at least smell it, though, since that is what it claimed. After a coat of top coat, it was still smellable (that’s a technical term, ha!) and then it wasn’t overwhelming to my sensitive senses. 🙂

Very Merry Berry is a mixture of small blue glitter with fuchsia medium round and fuchsia large hex glitter in a clear base. It’s densely packed and definitely suitable for wearing alone.  The interesting thing about this polish is that it’s the chunky glitter version of OPI’s Grape, Set, Match. G,S,M is purple with pink and blue micro glitter. Very Merry Berry is blue and pink (essentially) which gives off a purple impression. If you have these two polishes, look at them side to side and you’ll see what I mean.

Index finger: one coat, middle: two coats, ring and pinky: one coat over OPI Grape, Set, Match


In all pics- Index: 1 coat, Middle: 2 coats, Ring & Pinky: 1 coat over OPI Grape, Set, Match.


Check out the detail of the glitter and how it sparkles! 🙂


This is a chunky glitter, so if you think you’re going to just paint it on like a regular polish, you’ll be disappointed. You have to sort of place a dot of glitter packed polish on the nail, and then spread it around with the brush.


Surprisingly the coverage of this polish is really good. Since the polish is scented and under $5, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Over a base color (which really,  I don’t think takes anything away from it) it’s good after one coat, and with only a clear base coat, 2 coats is nearly opaque so I’m sure 3 would be perfect.


Is gonna suck. For sure. See my post about removing glitter polish if you need help removing it.

Yes, Please! or No, thank you

Yes, please!!! You should go to Sally Beauty Supply right now and get this polish! 🙂 It’s pretty, it’s festive, the color combination is great and the Christmas-y scent is just a fun little bonus. 🙂

I hear Color Club had some other scented polishes out.. maybe for summer? Did you try them, and if so, how’d you like them? Also, how do YOU like chunky glitter?

5 thoughts on “Color Club Scented Polish “Very Merry Berry” (review)- Crazy, chunky glitter!

  1. Hi Nicole, I hope you don’t mind I re-blogged this. I thought it went well with my ‘amethyst nails” post, and hopefully will bring you more readers too!

    • Oh no I don’t mind at all! That’s awesome, thanks! I only wish I had taken better care of my hands when I was taking those pics cuz I look like I have the dry, wrinkly hands of a 90 year old!! Haha… oh well, live and learn! 😉 We’ll see if anyone comments that someone so old (clearly from the condition of their hands) wears such sparkly nail polish! Haha.

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