Blue with Turquoise and Blue Accent Nails

I’m back on the accent nail kick! Today I have two accent nail looks with a base of Ulta Moody Blues polish. The first accent nail look is subtle, with OPI Blue Shatter over the rich Moody Blues.





My biggest pet peeve! Do not do this!

Before I show the pictures of my finished nails, I have to show what it looks like if you use Shatter polish without a top coat. I absolutely hate it!! The turquoise is so pretty, it can almost get away with it, but still not quite. The black and white shatters especially look HORRENDOUS without a top coat. It looks as if you have bits of half melted tire rubber on your nails (black) or dried crust of old cottage cheese on your nails (white). It’s just gross! Now, I can appreciate a matte coat in some forms, but I just hate the Shatter polishes sans top coat. Please save me the aggravation and Just Say No! 😉 I got feathers in my hair in late Spring last year, and my beautician who put them in was wearing Shatter polish with no top coat (she also does nails, FYI) and I was so disappointed that I almost rethought having her put my feathers in. It kind of goes along with the “don’t trust a skinny cook” adage… “Don’t trust a nail tech with tacky nails!” Haha. Just a word of advice. 😉 Okay, this is the end of my rant. 🙂

Okay, here are my Turquoise Shatter accent nails:

From left to right, flash, flash, no flash, and no flash but zoomed in to show the shatter effect.

Again, this is a little subtle for me, but I do love the color and I still love the shatter effect. Even if it’s getting old, I still think it’s cool 🙂 I remember having “crackle” nail polish (I think it was Covergirl brand) when I was in grade school. At the time, I didn’t know anything about top coat though, so I was a tacky little 4th grader with my dull, unprotected and un-shiny crackle coating! Haha.

In what unique ways are you using your Shatter polishes? This isn’t all that unique, and I bet some of you out there have done things FAR more creative. Any ideas? 🙂


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