Ulta Moody Blues Nail Polish (Review)- A Super Pretty Denim-Inspired Color

There’s been a lot of talk about blues this Fall. Chanel has a denim inspired line out, Nubar followed with a denim inspired line… blue is officially in! 🙂 All Lacquered Up has posted several articles about blues this season, as well. I’ve always enjoyed a pretty blue nail, but while I was trying some accent nail looks I realized I had a beautiful blue polish in my possession, no need to run out to buy the latest and greatest denim lines! As it turns out, Ulta Moody Blues is beautiful and perfect like your favorite dark wash jeans.

This is ONE coat if you can believe that!! This polish is a deep blue creme, but slightly brighter than navy. The formula is awesome. It goes down solid so you really only need one coat if you apply it carefully, two if you’re a little sloppy, but it’s not TOO thick at all. Also what surprised me was how SHINY this polish is. These pictures are with no top coat. I was pleased with the shiny-ness and you know how I love my shiny nails! 🙂 Also, Ulta nail polish in general wears so well. Mine doesn’t chip or show edge wear for days and this was no exception. I thought this polish was just great and I can’t believe I haven’t worn it much. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever worn this color before now. Shame on me!

No flash

Yes, Please! or No, Thank you

Yes, please! I can’t believe this hasn’t been on my nails several times so far this Fall. I absolutely LOVE this polish. I love the color, the formula, the finish, everything! Before you run out and pay 20 bucks for the Chanel polishes, try this one, because I bet you’ll love it!


Do you have a favorite blue polish? Have you tried the Chanel or Nubar polishes? What’s your take on the blue trend? Comment below and let me know! 🙂

Commenting is Caring!! ;D

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