Red Holiday Nails and Red With Glitter Accent Nail

Believe it or not, Christmas is less than 2 months away. Time to get your presents purchased, your dresses picked out for the holiday parties, and decide how you want to do your nails! These red nails aren’t JUST for the holidays, but they ARE very festive!

The pictures below are OPI Big Apple Red with SH Crackle overcoat in gold. Sometimes I like crackle or shatter as an accent nail, like you can see in the last picture because crackle has kind of had its heyday and now it’s time for us to use it in more creative ways. Crackle/shatter is actually what first introduced me to the idea that I could have a textured look on my nails by using overcoats like these, nail stamping, sponge painting, scotch tape manicures, marbling, etc.


Below  I used the OPI Big Apple Red and OPI Gift of Gold (a beautiful densely packed gold glitter with just the smallest amount of red glitter mixed in. It’s so pretty!! If you find it, don’t buy one, buy several!!!) to do a red manicure with a gold accent nail.

  See how sparkly that gold is? I love it.

Another option if you want a slightly less flashy accent nail is to use a glitter that matches your red polish, like OPI Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It. Below I used the same red (Big Apple), on all ten fingers, but then put 2 coats of Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It over the nail on my ring finger.


I like the accent nail trend because it’s just a little different. You can wear a less flashy color of nail polish but then you have that one nail that’s like HELLO! CHECK ME OUT! and provides just a little surprise to your nails. Over at New Day, New Nails, the writer calls the accent nail look “Beyonce Nails” (which I LOVE!) because she rocked the trend, and there are other examples to be found there. Her blog is what reminded me about the accent nail trend that I was into last Fall, and apparently I was a little early, because no one told me I had Beyonce nails! 😉

Let me know what your favorite accent nail look is. I like to mix metallics and glitter with creme polishes… how about you?

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