Halloween Skull Nails- So easy and cute!!!

It’s Halloween!!! Time for Halloween nails!

I first saw some skull nails on one of my favorite nail blogs, Swatch And Learn. Click here to see her skull nails. They’re awesome.

After I did my mummy nails, which turned out pretty messy, I was ready to try something a little easier to wear through Halloween. I decided to try the skull nails and here is how they turned out!


They were really easy to do, and didn’t take very much time at all!

What you’ll need:

  • Base coat
  • White nail polish (I used OPI Alpine Snow)
  • Black nail polish with a small nail art brush OR nail art pens. I use Migi Nail Art Pens.
  • Seche Vite (or other top coat besides SHMS because it will smear your fine lines and dots)
  • Sally Hansen Mega Shine (optional, for extra shine)

How to get this look:

  1. Paint your nails with the base coat of your choosing.
  2. Paint your nails white. I used 3 coats.
  3. Allow to dry. If you are using Seche Vite, paint your nails with Seche now, as it will speed up drying time exponentially. You can’t do the skull faces very well until your nails are dry as it’s easy to smudge them or create ripples with your nail art pens/brushes.
  4. Once the white is dry, start with one nail and draw two large circles (imperfect is best) for the eyes up towards your cuticle. Make sure the make the eye holes nice and large. I made mine too small at first and it just didn’t look right. I ended up adding more black around my tiny eye holes after my nails were dry and finished with top coat and everything (then I re-top coated them of course). You need the large eye holes to make sure it looks like a skull.
  5. Draw a sloppy upside down heart below the eyes for the nose.
  6. Draw small straight lines near the tip of your nail for the teeth. I chose to draw mine in a bit of a smiley pattern. 🙂
  7. Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 for all your nails.
  8. I found that Seche Vite was safe to put over the black parts right away, but since you may be using different polish and top coat, you may want to let you nails dry for quite a while before applying top coat so that you don’t smear the black into the white.
  9. After my Seche was dry (45 seconds after applying it), I slapped on a coat of my SHMS for some extra shininess.
  10. Ta-daaaaaaaah- skull nails!

I never really photograph my right hand (which is painted of course by my left, non-dominant, hand) but I swear these skull nails were so easy my right hand looks just as good as my left! I was so happy. Also, it was really cute because when I was taking pics of my nails, my camera kept doing the “face detection” business on the skull faces!  I hope you all had a great Halloween party weekend, and have a fun Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Skull Nails- So easy and cute!!!

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