OPI Muppet Collection Glitters, Gettin Miss Piggy With It and Divine Swine (Review)

I love these glitter polishes in the Muppet Collection. They’re perfect for the Holidays and I predict everyone’s going to want to have them. I know I’m sure happy I got them before they’re release on November 1st!!

Gettin Miss Piggy With it is a bright red with large hex silver and red glitter along with tons of small red glitter in a clear base. Think of what a glitzy Christmas tree glass ball ornament looks like and you’ll have a good idea what GMPWI (Gettin Miss Piggy With It) looks like.

There are several different kinds of glitter in here and they work together fabulously. 🙂

See how the glitter pieces sparkle in the light??

This glitter is opaque in about 3 coats.  I wear my nail polish thick though, so I put on 4 coats. It’s so pretty you just want more, more, more!! haha.

No flash

Flash makes it more flashy! This polish looks like Dorothy's ruby red slippers.

Application for these polishes is much like any other glitter. It’s worth noting though that once on you nail they are MUCH smoother than you would anticipate. I still used top coat, but you don’t need a bunch of top coat to make them un-sandpaper-like like you do with some glitters.

Yes, please! or No, thank you

Definitely yes, please. In fact this color is so pretty one of my friends is coming over tomorrow night to use it. 😉

Divine Swine is just like Gone Gonzo and Fresh Frog of Bel Air except that instead of blue or green, respectively, it is a bright sparkly fuchsia/purple color. It’s beautiful! It would look really pretty over a dark purple dark fuchsia polish, and it looks great on its own. See the posts for Gone Gonzo and Fresh Frog… for application info.

Like Gone Gonzo and Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Divine Swine has small glitter making up the color of the polish (dark fuchsia in this case) and large hex silver glitter acting as tiny mirrors reflecting the light for a super sparkly finish.

See how the glitter catches the light?

No flash

With flash.

Yes, please! or No, thank you.

This (like all of the Muppet glitters) is a yes, please!!

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