OPI Muppet Collection Glitters Gone Gonzo (Review)

Who doesn’t love glitter? Who doesn’t love OPI? Who doesn’t love the Muppets? This nail polish is fun, super sparkly and perfect for Holiday 2011. The collection should be in stores Nov. 1st, but I was lucky enough to get mine in the mail a few days ago! I was beyond excited when I saw my package had arrived!!!

The OPI Muppets collection for Holiday 2011 consists of 12 polishes. 6 shimmery polishes in reds/pinks/neutrals and 6 glitters. The shimmer polishes are pretty, but none of them really did much for me. The glitter nail polishes however…. oooh boy I love these glitters! The six glitters are: Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It (bright red small and large glitter with large silver hex glitter densely packed in a clear base), Gone Gonzo (bright blue small glitter with large silver hex glitter densely packed in a clear base), Fresh Frog of Bel Air (bright Christmas tree green small  glitter with large hex glitter densely packed in a clear base), Divine Swine (pretty purple/dark fuchsia small and large glitter with large hex glitter densely packed in a clear base), Excuse Moi (a burgundy/pink micro glitter with large hex glitter in a matching base), and Rainbow Connection (all sizes of hex and round multi-glitter, densely packed in a clear base. This polish looks like all the confetti from Times Square during New Years Eve was shined up a little more and stuffed in a bottle). All the glitters are fabulous and I intend to swatch and review them all. For today, we start with Gone Gonzo.

Ooooooh... so glittery and sparkly and pretty! Just my kind of nail polish.

Like I said before, Gone Gonzo is a bright sky or perhaps Caribbean water blue. It’s made of TONS of blue glitter  with a sprinkling of large silver hex glitter. The glitter catches the light and especially with that large silver glitter it catches the light like colorful diamonds for your nails.

This is one thin coat of Gone Gonzo on white paper just to show the detail of the glitter. You can see the large sliver hex glitter in amongst the blue.

Here it is again on paper, showing just how much it catches the light and sparkles.

This glitter applies easily. For all the glitter in it and the differing sizes of glitter I expected it to be difficult to apply and coarse-sandpaper-rough on my nails after it’s dried. I was surprised to see how easily and evenly it went on, and then when it was dry it was surprisingly smooth. It isn’t even the roughest glitter I own and it’s probably the most sparkly. My nail polish reached opacity in 3 coats. I’m not afraid of thick nail polish though so I put on an extra 4th layer just for good measure. 🙂

I love this on my nails. I just wore it for a while to photograph it and get the full experience, so I can't wait to wear it "for real". I know people are going to LOVE it.

Yes, please or No, thank you

Yes, please for sure! I love attention-getting nail colors and this is no exception. The ease of application, the density of the glitter and variety of glitter sizes makes this one of my new favorites. The only problem is that I have a feeling all of the Muppet collection glitters are going to be favorites of mine and I’m going to want to wear them all ASAP! 😉

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