Ulta Chic Peek (Review)

Need a cute neutral and are you sick of mannequin hands (so last year) or pale pinks (so last decade!)? Do you like dark polish but don’t feel like wearing black? I was looking for an interesting yet subtle neutral and I’ve found my favorite of the season- it’s Ulta Chic Peek.  Ulta Chic Peek is a dark brown polish with slight purple undertones and silver micro glitter. Brown with silver glitter sounds kind of tacky, but believe me this polish is so pretty! I wore it for 5 days and got lots of compliments on it. Some people were convinced it was purple, but it’s definitely a brown.

Above are my nails right after I painted them. Please notice how lovely my tips are, and that’s why my fingers are also painted the lovely Chic Peek color. Haha. Wrapping your tips is the most important thing you can do when painting your nails, so I always make sure to wrap them thoroughly, even if that means painting my fingertips. 🙂 I don’t worry about the clean up because I always paint my nails before I shower or do dishes, and soaking my hands in hot water makes the polish peel right off leaving behind perfectly painted nails.  I took the above picture before my top coat so they ended up even shinier ( you know I love my SHINE!), but I hope you can still see how pretty this color is! Chic Peek is definitely the new hot neutral. Also, the paint covered in 2 coats and lasted for an entire week until I unfortunately had an accident and ripped the corner of my thumbnail off.

Boo hoo

Oh well, I was sick of having the same nails by this time anyway.

Yes, please or No, thank you

Yes, please! The color is great, the finish is shimmery and lovely and it wears wonderfully. Also, Ulta nail polish is affordable and comparable to OPI. In fact, sometimes I think my Ulta wears longer than my OPI but shhhh don’t tell, I still love them. 🙂

Let me know what YOUR hot new neutral is for Fall 2011!

2 thoughts on “Ulta Chic Peek (Review)

  1. I agree! Wrapping the tips makes such a HUGE difference when painting your nails. I attribute that to how I can get some polishes to last a ridiculously long time on me. (E.g. I once wore China Glaze Blue Sparrow for 2 weeks straight! No chipping! But then I removed it because I got really tired of it. That was the longest I had worn the same colour.)

    Aww…haha, look at that sad thumb nail and its frowny face. Very cute!

    • Yeah I caught my nail on a handle of the fridge or something at the store, and there went the corner! Oh well, it’ll grow. 🙂 And yeah, my nail polish stays good FOREVER ever since I started wrapping. Too long really, cuz after about 4 days, even with my favorite glitter polish I’m ready for something different.

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