Ulta Jungle Look (Review)

I have said before (in my SH Mega Shine Review) that any nail polish looks fantastic with a good top coat. I love doing something unique with my nails, but sometimes picking a cool color and having my nails look just pristine is special enough. I saw the Ulta Jungle Look polish and at first thought it was more of a teal color, but at home in my lighting I realized it was a solid jungle green. It’s pretty because it’s not a dark green, but also not neon or Christmas-y green. I just really like it. I think it looks very trendy and cute on my nails.

Ulta Jungle Look

I often like to read while I’m waiting for layers of polish to dry (that’s another of my hobbies, mainly YA fiction, but I try to cross read) and here is proof. I was waiting for these nails to dry while reading an Ellen Hopkins book. You should definitely check her out. Anyway, back to the nails- this polish covered evenly in 2 coats, and dried to a nice shiny finish, but shoot, I can’t just have regular shiny nails… I need my Mega Shine topcoat! So this is after my topcoat and you can see they look reflective and beautiful! 🙂 I think this lush green color would look great paired with a brown or khaki color for some nail art, and it draws attention to your nails without being too “out there.” Ulta makes some nice polishes and for about $5 each, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Yes,  please or No, thank you

Heck yes! I love this color, the beautiful finish and the wear-ability. Winner!

Do you have an awesome teal color to share with me? I’ve been looking for one for a while now. Please let me know!

2 thoughts on “Ulta Jungle Look (Review)

    • Thank you! And thanks for taking a peek and commenting. 🙂 Oh, and PS: Don’t you worry… I spend PLENTY of time watching brain rotting shows waiting for my nails to dry. Especially in the summer, can you say “Big Brother”?? haha

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