Color Blocked Scotch Tape Nails

Sometimes I’m just in the mood to do something different with my nails, and honestly, I don’t really like all that entire-nail nail art, neither do I have a steady enough hand to do it. And since color-blocking is hot right now, I was inspired to do these fun color blocked nails.

Color Blocked Nails

What you’ll need: (feel free to substitute any polish I have listed for one of your choosing)

  • Ulta base coat
  • Ulta Concrete Evidence (grey) polish
  • Ulta Little Black Dress (black with silver micro glitter) polish
  • Sinful Colors #80 Dream On (dark neon-esque fuchsia) polish
  • V shaped (not the rounded ones) french manicure guards.
  • Scotch tape
  • Any top coat/ clear polish
  • Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

How to get this look:

  1. Paint your nails with the base coat.
  2. Paint your entire nail with 2 coats of the Concrete Evidence polish. Allow to dry thoroughly, ~15 minutes. I like to watch TV or read while I’m doing my nails and read a couple of chapters or watch a few minutes of show while I wait. This is NOT the time to get up and try to transfer all your goodies from one purse to the other, wash dishes, do some laundry, work on homework, etc.
  3. Place the V shaped french manicure guards on your nails with the tip being about 1/4 of the way down your nail.
  4. Paint the exposed tips with the Little Black Dress polish, stopping after 2-3 to peel up the V shaped guards. You need to remove the sticky Vs quickly or else the polish will dry to them and give you a jagged edge. Ideally you’d want to remove it after each nail, but who wants to do that?? Not me! So I do 2-3 then peel ’em up.
  5. After all the tips are painted black over the grey nail, time to wait and let this layer dry. I apply a layer of my SH Mega Shine to help quicken the drying process.

At this point your nails should look like this:

Color blocked nails, almost done!

You’ll notice that my cuticles are a mess still, this is before they were nice and cleaned up. At least I got the black paint off the fronts of my fingers from wrapping the tips!

How to get this look (continued):

6.   Once your black and grey nails are dry, it’s time to bust out the Scotch tape! Before applying the tape to your nails, remember to stick it on your skin first and peel it off to decrease the stickiness. Once your tape is ready, use it to tape off all of the nail except for a little stripe down the center.

7.  Use the Dream On polish to paint the strip down the middle of each nail, stopping after each 2-3 nails to remove the tape.

8.  Let your stripes dry for at least 10 minutes. The Sinful Colors polish is a neon, so it dries fast (and matte) but you want to make sure it has plenty of time to dry so it doesn’t smear. You can see on one of my fingers that I have a bit of a smear… oh well.

Awaiting Top Coat

9.  Once the fuchsia is dry, use a regular top coat (like OPI or any clear top coat) and give your nails a quick coating. The reason for this is that the SH Mega Shine is so powerful and fuses all the layers of polish together and it can sometimes smear your fuchsia on your grey if you’re not careful. This step is optional, but I would just hate for you to smear your manicure you’ve worked so hard on! 🙂

10.  Once the regular top coat is kinda dry, give your nails a healthy coating (don’t forget the tips!!) of the SH Mega Shine.


Let me know what you think of this design! Have you done a Scotch tape mani? Were you successful? I’m planning on doing a Scotch tape mani tip page in the future. When it’s done I’ll add a link. 🙂 Happy nail polishing!


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